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Upcoming C4A meeting

One of the commonalities that we see among our Colorado AAA clients is all of their unique differences! Paraphrasing our good friend (and former Compliance Manager at the Denver Regional Council of Governments AAA) Chandra Matthews: "If you know one AAA, you know one AAA!"

We mentioned this to Guy Dutra-Silveira recently. Guy's the AAA Director for Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments and also a champion of the newly incorporated Colorado Association of AAAs (C4A). 

Guy thought it would be good for all of the state's AAA Directors to hear about the similarities and differences that we see in working with our clients, so he invited us to the next C4A meeting in Palisade CO.

Not much arm twisting required there: peaches, cherries, wine .... One of our favorite parts of the state. Thanks for the invite Guy.

We'll post our presentation